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Vacuum technology is not one-size fits all.

That's why Millibar makes 5 different Venturi technologies to deliver efficient solutions tailored to the application.

All Millibar vacuum products are designed to work in dusty environments without the need for filtration.

Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

The Millibar Venturi Cartridge, at the heart of our technology, delivers a versatile dirt-tolerant vacuum source to support flexible design requirements.

integrate into custom manifolds to

Save space

Reduce components

Minimize potential leaks

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Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Millibar offers an extensive line of venturi vacuum pumps to cover a wide range of applications from handling small parts to large parts and evacuating small volumes to large volumes. Each Millibar pump has a removable vacuum cartridge that generates the vacuum.
Modular Design – add solenoid valves, vacuum switches, vacuum gauges or change the cartridge to meet your application requirements.

Dirt Tolerant – No filters required. All Millibar vacuum products are designed to work in dusty environments without the need for filtration.

Compact - Saves space and allows positioning close to the workpiece for fast response times.

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Air Amplifiers

Millibar air amplifiers create extremely high suction and exhaust air flows using minimal compressed air. Use these for vacuum gripping applications handling extremely porous products such as fabrics, screens and perforated materials where the high suction flow will overcome the porosity of the material.  Their compact size and instantaneous on/off mean they can be located close to the point of use for high cycle rates.  No need for expensive large vacuum valves and managing large diameter hoses.

Versatile design with micrometer-like adjustable performance allows accurate and repeatable settings

High exhaust flows will cool and dry components using very little energy.

Up to 40:1 amplification ratio’s for high vacuum and exhaust flows.

Instantaneous on/off by solenoid control offers additional energy savings when compared to a regenerative blower that must operate continuously.

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Millibar Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

Material Conveying Pumps

Millibar Material Conveying Pumps easily convey bulk materials, individual components, continuous strips using compressed air. These pumps have no moving parts and no internal geometry that will get clogged allowing products to flow through. Transfer distances depend on product geometry and density. For lightweight objects transferred through smooth bore conveying lines transfer distances of 100 feet or more are common.


Anodized aluminum construction standard, other materials quoted upon request

Transfer speeds are controlled by input pressure.

Sizes range from 6mm (.25”) to 50mm (2”) ID bores, larger ID’s quoted upon request

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Pass Through Venturi Vacuum Pumps

This variable vacuum pump allows the user to adjust the venturi performance to generate the vacuum flow and vacuum level needed for the application.  These venturis have an inline flow path (suction and exhaust are in-line) meaning they are extremely dirt tolerant as dirt and debris will pass straight through the pump.  Combine a straight through silencer for quiet operation and no impact on performance.

These venturis achieve a maximum vacuum level of 85% vacuum.

Ideal for material handling applications of very dusty product such as construction materials including drywall, wood, concrete blocks, bricks, corrugated paper, etc.

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Millibar Venturi Vacuum Cartridges

Custom Designs

Our Venturi design expertise allows us to create custom vacuum products to perfectly suit your application.

many custom options

Custom materials for harsh environments including washdown.

Custom performance to fit the application

Custom threaded port sizes: NPT, BSPP, BSPT, etc.

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