Custom End of Arm Tooling

The robot may be 95% of the investment…

but the EOAT can be 95% of the headache.

Millibar can help.

Will it work? Yes, it will.

Testing Guarantees Success

Our customers have invested time and funds to achieve their automation goals. We mitigate their risk by quickly mocking up our proposed solution to verify feasibility, typically within a few days to keep projects moving. We share videos of the solution in action to ensure that we meet the application requirements.

Millibar tools are guaranteed to work, or your money back.

Been THERE, done that.

Experience Matters

No longer just end-of-the-line box palletizers, robots require innovative grippers to handle new and varied products further up the production line. In 40 years of vacuum gripper design, we have handled everything from soap to semiconductors. We know what to ask to lead to your best end effector solution.


All these products have been successfully handled with Millibar EOAT.


Effective Collaboration

It is rewarding and efficient to work alongside our customer to solve application challenges.  The customer provides the requirements and constraints of the robot cell. This can include cycle rate, atmospheric conditions, product in-flow and out-flow and possible interferences that the robot and end effector have to avoid. Having Millibars' entire product line at our fingertips means that the customer can see and try different ideas immediately.  Witnessing the creation of the solution guarantees peace of mind.    

Rapid Product Design

Efficient Solutions

Cost Savings

Speedy Development

Starting with an  inventory of pre-engineered end of arm components that fit together effortlessly gives us a big head start in custom design. With our in-house manufacturing resources, wide variety of vacuum product design and production capabilities, we can develop and produce an energy efficient solution very quickly.  Using the latest in material technologies our solutions are lightweight and robust.  

all in-house

Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

Laser production equipment

Multi-axis production equipment

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More custom EOAT examples

custom end of arm vacuum foam gripper syringe
Custom vacuum gripper with manifold mounted venturi vacuum pump, .24 kg
end of arm tool hypodermic needles packaging
Handling packaged hypodermic needles for in-the-box packaging
Dual head vacuum gripper for grinding flash from molded part
Dual head vacuum gripper for grinding flash from molded silicone parts. Weight: .46 kg
Tool Plate with Threaded Suction Cup Mount
Tool plate with threaded suction cup mount
end-of-arm dispenser mount
Dispenser mount. Weight: .07 kg
Dual-purpose end of arm tool for mold unloading and assembly
Dual-purpose tool - foam vacuum gripper to grip molded part with raised lettering, "ears" extend into part feature for threading into companion part
End of arm tool for carton handling

Heavy duty end of arm tool for lifting cartons containg 1 gallon water bottles

Baking Tray and icing Dispenser End of Arm Tool

Dual purpose tool for gripping a fully loaded baking sheet on one side and an icing dispenser mount on the other.

Manual Tool For Handling Titanium Half Shell Outside

Dual purpose tool to manually lift 12" (300mm) diameter titanium half-shell from the convex side.

Manual Tool For Handling Titanium Half Shell Inside

Dual purpose tool to manually lift 12" (300mm) diameter titanium half-shell from the concave side.

Foam vacuum gripper for handling lottery tickets bottom side

Bottom view of custom low profile foam gripper for reaching into a box and gripping the top surface of a shrink wrapped stack of lottery tickets for order fulfillment.

Foam vacuum gripper for handling lottery tickets top side

Top view of custom low profile foam gripper with millibar tool changer.  Carbon fiber construction and internal plumbing to keep vacuum lines out of harms way.

Manual Tool Changer with custom tool for handling semiconductors

Suction cup array with vacuum manifold for microelectronics pick and place.

end-of-arm tool for handling molded parts with raised lettering

Custom foam gripper for handling molded parts with contours and raised lettering.

Custom end of arm tool for lifting golf balls

Custom suction cup configuration with wrist extension for in-the-box packaging.

ABB robot custom eoat vacuum gripper for carton handling

Carton handling with array of suction cups and venturi vacuum pumps.  Allows zoned picks  to handle a  wide variety of carton sizes.

end-of-arm vacuum foam gripper label placer

Custom foam gripper for placing paper labels onto the inside curved surface of automotive body panels for identification.

Large format foam gripper handling gel packs

Large format foam gripper with intergral high flow venturi's for handling strips of flexible gel filled  hot/ cold packs for temperature controlled shipping of pharmaceuticals.

Lightweight vacuum gripper for handling foam blocks

Extremely lightwight foam gripper with high flow air powered amplifier for handling a set of 7 very porous foam blocks.

custom foam gripper for deep drawn aluminum cans

Foam gripper with venturi vacuum pumps to grip the cupped closed end of deep drawn aluminum cans to remove from a conveyor.

Manual tool changer with Coval MVG cup gripper

Custom frame for mounting several different Coval MVG gripper configurations each with an array of suction cups for handling  a variety of carton sizes.

Custom end of arm tooling with frame

MTCAE-M8 Tool side with electric and pneumatic pass throughs for passing vacuum switch outputs back to the 8 pin UR wrist connector.