3D Printed EOAT: Light, Rugged and Fast

Your custom tool...
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With multiple 3D printers, we produce our own solutions, both prototypes and finished tools.

Examples of 3D-printed end effectors

Production-Ready, High Strength End Effectors

The best component designs minimize end effector weight and maximize robot payload. We 3D print our components to do just that, delivering custom end of arm tools and EOAT components that are strong and lightweight.

Rapid prototyping of production-worthy grippers means iterative designs happen fast—helpful when project scope changes. Designs can be verified quickly, reducing project timelines. Operating 24/7, our printer farm provides capacity to take on new jobs without delay.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

More than meets the eye   Many end effectors feature internal vacuum and compressed air passages resulting in compact solutions that eliminate external plumbing.

Improve cycle times   Custom manifolds with integral venturi vacuum cartridges, solenoid valves and vacuum switches are commonly needed to power vacuum grippers. Their compact size and light weight mean they can be placed on the end effector for rapid response for increased cycle times.

Close fitting designs   Many Millibar vacuum grippers are designed to match the curvature of a products' surface eliminating the need for suction cups and foam grippers. This improves registration ensuring accurate placement.

In-house finishing    ESD coatings can be applied to protect sensitive components. In-house laser marking is available for identification and logos.

Connection-friendly components    The carbon fiber material accepts cartridge-style push-to-connect fittings for compact plumbing and fast installation and may be threaded for attaching components.



One-of-a-kind vacuum gripping solutions