Foam Vacuum Grippers

Millibar's foam gripper product line is versatile and ideally suited for handling items with uneven, embossed, debossed features and where only partial coverage is possible due to geometry or voids.

  • Handles a wide variety of shapes, dimensions, weights, and materials.
  • Holds firm and securely to all surfaces without vacuum loss.
  • Sizes range from 25mm to pallet dimensions.
  • Perfect for robotics, material handling, stacking, palletizing and EOAT applications.
Millibar foam vacuum gripper

MINIGRIP Foam Grippers

MiniGrips are available in round from 25mm to 70mm and rectangular from 20x80mm to 40x100mm. Easy to retrofit on existing suction cup vacuum systems.

  • Foam easily adjusts to curved and textured surfaces.
  • The vacuum source can be mounted directly to the Mini-Gripper or close by to maximize efficiency .
  • Energize vacuum prior to contact for fast cycle times.
MINIGRIPProduct Line
minigrip foam vacuum gripper

FLEXIGRIP Foam Grippers

FlexiGrip foam grippers are available in port and valve styles to maximize gripping force based on the object to be handled.  Both are ideal for handling a wide range of product sizes and weights with varying porosity, surface textures and voids. They are complete with integral venturi vacuum pump and straight-through silencer for maintenance free operation.

  • For systems with multiple FlexiGrips they may be powered with a vacuum blower.  
  • Additional vacuum ports available for system monitoring with a vacuum switch and for compressed air part release.
  • Easily mounts with 4 threaded  holes on the top. 
flexigrip foam vacuum gripper

FLEXIBAG Foam Grippers

Flexi Bags are ideal for bagged items such as loosely packaged products, over-wrapped items, liquids in bags, paper towels and other bulk paper products. Integral venturi vacuum pump with straight-through silencer for high cycle rates and maintenance free operation.

  • Full flow design with an internal grate and deep foam to securely grip flexible items.
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically.
  • Additional frames are available to increase internal depth to grip very loose filled packages.
FLEXIBAGProduct Line
flexibag foam gripper