MTC-568 Extra Duty Series

Everything you love about the original Millibar Manual Tool Changer

now scaled for heavier payloads

  • Tailored for next-generation robots with extended reach and higher payload capacity
  • Provides additional stability for high-speed applications on smaller robots

Fits three larger ISO patterns

The MTC-568 Extra Duty Series Manual Tool Changer comes with holes and hardware to fit 50mm, 63mm, and 80mm tool flange configurations.

No adapter plates required

The robot side connects directly to the robot wrist, with a matching tool side mounted directly to the end effector, one tool side to each EOAT.

Pre-engineered tool sides and blanks

Get a head start by using one of our ready-to-go tool sides for common configurations, or order the blank tool side to do your own machining.

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Fits 31.5mm, 40 mm, 50mm

Fast, easy tool changes

Effortlessly change tools for high mix, low volume production applications

Without any tools, quickly switch between adaptive grippers, vacuum grippers, camera calibration stylus, and more. Simply release the locking lever and slide a new tool into place. 

Even if your facility has a variety of robot brands, the Millibar Manual Tool Changer ecosystem allows the same tool to be moved between robots.

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Note: Both the Original Series and Extra Duty Series fit 50mm.


Be a Beta Tester for the MTC-568 Extra Duty Series Manual Tool Changer

Millibar Robotics is seeking Beta Testers for the MTC-568 Extra Duty Series Manual Tool Changer. If you have an eminent project that would benefit from a heavy-duty manual tool changer, we will extend a Beta Tester discount to gain your feedback on its use. Please complete and submit the form below and Millibar engineers will respond with the possibilities.

    Do you have an existing end-of-arm-tool, or does the EOAT need to be designed?

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