CDF: Adjustable Air Amplifier


Millibar air amplifiers create extremely high suction and exhaust air flows using minimal compressed air. Use these for vacuum gripping applications handling extremely porous products such as fabrics, screens and perforated materials where the high suction flow will overcome the porosity of the material.  Their compact size and instantaneous on/off mean they can be located close to the point of use for high cycle rates.  No need for expensive large vacuum valves and managing large diameter hoses.

  • Versatile design with micrometer-like adjustable performance allows accurate and repeatable settings.
  • High exhaust flows will cool and dry components using very little energy.
  • Up to 40:1 amplification ratio’s for high vacuum and exhaust flows.
  • Instantaneous on/off by solenoid control offers additional energy savings when compared to a regenerative blower that must operate continuously.


Silencers are not required when using the output flow for cooling, drying or fume extraction, however they are highly recommended for material handling applications.
Two installation options: simply connect to the vacuum port via the internal threads or slip a hose over the barbs featured on the O.D. You can use CDF Air Amplifiers with and without a suction cup.

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Use the table below to choose a model based on your application, then fill out the form above to purchase.

Model #CDF Performance Data—Imperial
Maximum Vacuum Level—"HgMaximum Vacuum Flow—SCFMMaximum Exhaust Output—SCFM
CDF 200H91216
CDF 375H82836
CDF 500H75570
CDF 750H5110140
CDF 1000H3130180
CDF 1500H3250300
CDF 2000H1330390
Model #CDF Performance Data—Metric
Maximum Vacuum Level—mbarMaximum Vacuum Flow—lpmMaximum Exhaust Output—lpm
I-CDF 200H305340453
I-CDF 375H2717931019
I-CDF 500H23715571982
I-CDF 750H16931153964
I-CDF 1000H10236815097
I-CDF 1500H10270798495
I-CDF 2000H34934511044
Consult individual performance data charts for air consumption values at desired operation position.