dynabrade sanding tool with millibar manual tool changer

Quick Change Sand Paper With Millibar Manual Tool Changer

Dynabrade, which has produced sanding power tools and machines since 1969, now also offers sanding tools for collaborative robots. Integrated with a Millibar Manual Tool Changer, the robot can be deployed for a wide variety of sanding and polishing applications. The Millibar Manual Tool Changer makes changing sand paper quick and easy.

Automated sanding with a collaborative robot offers fine control of the sanding process, so the operator can manage force, pattern and abrasive changes, improving consistency. It also eliminates operator fatigue and potential ergonomic injuries associated with manual and power tool sanding.

Collaborative robots must be designed to safely interact with a human operator. As new automation technologies emerge that make this safety possible, there are new opportunities where collaborative robot applications offer better results than humans or robots can achieve on their own. However, winning solutions must be efficient with time and resources.

“We know process times matter, especially when designing collaborative robot solutions,” said Brian Ferri, founder of Millibar Inc. and the engineer behind the Millibar Manual Tool Changer. “Operators can quickly switch tools by releasing a locking lever and sliding a new tool into place. No tools are required.”

Millibar will demonstrate the Manual Tool Changer on April 8-11, in the Universal Robots exhibit, Booth #7154, at the AUTOMATE 2019 trade event at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. For more information about the Millibar Manual Tool Changer, please visit our website at www.millibar.com.