Custom eoat

Millibar’s Custom EOAT Solves Tyvek® Medical Packaging Gripping Challenge

Millibar’s  Custom EOAT engineering has the capability to quickly develop and manufacture tools for proof-of-concept testing to determine feasibility of a new idea.

When automating a process for industrial manufacturing, engineers solve one problem after another until their system works consistently. New tools and techniques must be created and proved before investing in the final system. Millibar regularly assists customers with proof of concept by creating and testing custom tools and solutions.

“It’s in everyone’s best interest to test new solutions quickly,” said Brian Ferri, President and Chief Engineer at Millibar. “Our customers can see for themselves that solutions work before they bring them to their own environment.”

Case Study: Vacuum Gripper Picks Exactly One Sheet at a Time for Sterile Medical Packaging

Automation Target
Packaging of a Medical Device

After placing the medical device in the blister pack, exactly one sheet of thin packaging material must be removed from a stack of sheets and placed in the top of the box.


  • The material to be moved, a plastic sheeting like Tyvek®, is porous. When vacuum is applied it is very easy to pick more than one sheet
  • When stacked, these sheets develop a large static charge that cause them to cling together
  • A natural vacuum is also developed when air is forced out by stacking the sheets when produced in the mill.


With Millibar’s vacuum expertise and wide range of product options, we were able to solve this challenge using the energy efficient Flow Amplifier , combined with the proper pick head geometry and gripping technique. The high vacuum flow of the amplifier draws the top sheet toward the vacuum head. The flow amplifier design uses very little compressed air to generate the high vacuum flow.

If you are looking for a custom EOAT solution for your challenge – contact Millibar. Our solutions are guaranteed to work or your money back.